Text Box: This is a FANTASTIC website.  The complete text of “The Art of War” is made freely available.  There is a free daily “course”, a message board and MUCH more.  Here is an excerpt from “The Art of War”: “... if one is not fully cognizant of the dangers inherent in doing battle, one cannot fully know the benefits of doing battle.”
Text Box: The ART OF WAR
Text Box: Here is a link to author Dan Millman’s Blog.  One example of how he handles quality and war in a recent blog post:  “… suggesting that we need to work hard over time to achieve our goals doesn’t sell well. It isn’t sexy or fascinating, or sound much like a “Secret.” Common sense rarely does.”
Text Box: Amazon.com gives you a glimpse inside of H. James Harrington’s landmark co-authored book about Fighting the War On Waste (W.O.W.).  You get lists of great stuff, including the Seven Basic Problem Solving Tools and Seven Management Tools.  Worth a peek!
Text Box: W.O.W.— War on waste—H. James Harrington
Text Box: “What is the Waste?  Where is It?”  That is the topic of the earliest of the archived newsletters posted on the Conway Company’s website.  Bill Conway wrote the classic quality improvement book titled: “Winning the War on Waste”.  It always helps to know THE ENEMY’s hiding places!
Text Box: WASTE CHASER—Bill Conway
Text Box: This nifty little gem of a website features some beautiful scenery from China, adds reference to The Book of Five Rings and provides some lovely wallpaper and screensaver downloads for the warrior-minded.  
Text Box: WAY COOL Art OF WAR screensavers
Text Box: Bushido, literally translated: “Military Knight Ways” or “The Way of the Warrior”, is the Samurai system of ethics that guided Japan through it’s most troubling times.  Download the entire ebook, free from Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org).
Text Box: Bushido, The Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe
Text Box: Excerpts from this famous book are pondered upon here.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.  An excerpt from the excerpts:  “You take your analytic knife, put the point directly on the term Quality and just tap, not hard, gently, and the whole world splits, cleaves, right in two…”
Text Box: If you’ve ever tried to explain W. Edwards Deming’s irreverence for stupid management decisions and felt you fell short of the mark, try showing your fellow soldiers a few of these free video clips, compliments of ManagementWisdom.com, who chose Deming’s expression: “Survival is optional.” as their byline.
Text Box: W. Edwards Deming—Free Video Clips
Text Box: Here is an interesting website about the “Constant And Never-ending Improvement” outtake from the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study Act) Deming Philosophy by motivational speaker, Tony Robbins.  Nice quotes page and blog.  
Text Box: CANI Warrior - Tony Robbins
Text Box: Everything you ever needed to know about Deming, including a great synopsis of “The Deming System of Profound Knowledge” with complete lists of Deming’s 14 Points for Management and 7 Deadly Diseases of Management. 
Text Box: Wikipedia Does W. Edwards Deming
Text Box: Another TERRIFIC warrior website!  Maori strategist, Hirini Reedy, is a New Zealand martial arts expert and Maori philosophy master.  The basic philosophy of the New Zealand Maori was that man could live best by observing and copying nature… a great quality system philosophy, too!
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